15 Jun

New Range of Android TV Boxes has been released

Android TV Boxes have become quite the popular product recently as they allow you to turn your TV into a smart TV. This means that you can access any app available on Google Playstore on your TV such as Netflix, Facebook or any other app available in the android market place. An android TV box will work with any television as long as it has a HDMI input or else an AV input that can be found on older televisions. This means that instead of having to go and get a brand new smart TV which would prove to be quite expensive you can just get an android TV box instead and convert your existing TV for a fraction of the cost.

There are many android TV boxes on the market and it can prove to be a daunting process selecting one that is a quality box and also at a fair price. Often people wonder what is the difference between the various boxes. Well all of the boxes basically run the same operating system which is of course android but there are various versions of this operating system. Android 6.0 is the most popular at the moment and is only released about a year or just under a year so it is the one to be going for. Android 7.0 is also released but there are not many boxes with this in the market place just yet.

The main difference then between the boxes comes from the hardware. Ideally you would want a box with at least 2GB of RAM. There are many cheap boxes on the market with 1GB of RAM but these are very poor and are not able for the tasks that people ask of them. At least 2GB of RAM and at least a quad core processor is what is recommended to get the best from the box.


26 Apr
dreambox ireland

The Difference Between an Android Box and a Dreambox?

There has been many articles recently across the UK and Ireland about the legality of android boxes and the software they run. I think that this is absolutely ridiculous and shows a lack of understanding for technology. An android box is essentially just an android computer just like an android phone or tablet is essentially an android computer. Are they been used to stream illegally…yes some people do use them for that just as some people use their phones or laptops to illegal stream so should phones or laptops now be looked at as illegal? What is illegal is the streaming software not the actual device. The device has many legal uses and I am a big fan of them and use mine almost every day and when purchasing you should find a website that has a legal page explaining this.

Now to get to my point. If you are getting an android box to stream TV channels there is a legal alternative in the Dreambox. A dreambox is a purpose made TV receiver that will allow you to receive free TV channels and it is 100% legal. These TV channels are free to air so there is no expense to getting them and you are absolutely running a legal operation getting these channels as that is what they are for and why you pay your TV license! Now again, people are selling these with sharing cards which is very much illegal but that should not take away that they are a great product and are purpose made to receive TV channels.

So if you are looking for free TV then I would recommend the dreambox over an android box as it is legal and there is no grey area with them at all. I would avoid sellers on ebay as these seem to be selling clones with sharing cards and I am sure ebay will be clamping down on this activity soon. Try and find a business that have been around a while and that will offer you a warranty on your product. After a quick Google I found dreambox.ie which seem to be above board and well priced. So this is your answer to free TV in a legal manner

20 Feb

Heads up on the android TV box

Apple TV is a digital media player that quickly provides smash hit movies, TV shows, news, complete sports seasons, music, content from other Apple gadgets and more to any high-definition, HDMI suitable TV. Apple TV allows users to access a comprehensive range of openly aired programs along with subscriber accounts and personal media.

In 2008 Steve Jobs managed to discuss what Apple TV is as succinctly as anybody has managed to this day. He stated “Apple TV was developed to be an accessory for iTunes and your computer. It was not what people desired. We discovered what people desired was movies, movies, movies.”

Naturally, package does more than simply “movies, movies, movies”. While the Apple TV box can be used to play movies and video on your TV wirelessly over Wi-Fi, it can likewise play audio files (believe your MP3 collection) and display picture slideshows on your TV.

The Apple TV set-up and interface is instinctive and smooth. Merely plug it in and use the small remote to perfectly visit to numerous accounts.

Apple improved the AirTunes innovation, formerly just efficient in streaming music, and altered its name to AirPlay, now a procedure that permits wireless streaming of any media in between Apple gadgets. When AirPlay is switched on, users might send content– video, music, pictures– from iPhones, iPods, iPads and computers with iTunes to other gadgets, specifically Apple TV. Apple TV gets the signal and broadcasts it on the TV. The only requirement is that the gadget and Apple TV should share the same Web connection, suggesting users can link to Apple TV from any room in your home.

What do I need to link it to my TV?

Android TV Boxes are also like Apple TV is easy and fast to establish and use, even for users with little technological elegance or ability. Apple TV works best with HDMI-compatible, high-definition TVs. The HDMI cable needed to link Apple TV to a TV is not consisted of. Purchase a basic HDMI cable online or from a brick-and-mortar electronic devices store. With android TV boxes though according to androidtvaustralia you have more control over the device.

Plug the HDMI cable into the slot significant “HDMI” on the back of the Apple TV. The other end enters into the input slot on your TV that need to be likewise significant (completions equal). Keep in mind to plug the Apple TV into an outlet utilizing the power cable that featured it. If you had it set to another gadget, you will likely need to use your TV remote control to alter the input source to your Apple TV.

You might already have your electronic devices or DVD player plugged in your TV HDMI slots. You might need to disconnect one of these to accommodate the Apple TV cable if that is the case.

You might have a surround stereo linked to your TV by receiver. This might enhance the audio experience, nevertheless it is not needed, as the TV can carry out the sound from Apple TV to the receiver.

23 Aug

Are bluetooth speakers as good as the big name brands?

speakersNowadays, in the modern world different types of electronics are included as an essential and a key part of our life. There are different kinds of electronics goods, and all of those electronics goods have different facilities as well. But most of them are quite useful, and most of them have some useful contribution in our daily life. There are plenty of various types of electronics good which help us to make our life much easier. After we wake up in the morning and before we go to the bed again, there are different electronic goods which are making our life a lot easier. Like if you are using a digital clock, then the alarm of this clock helps you to get up from your sleep. So it is a very basic example of the importance of different electronic goods in our life. There are also different types of electronic products.

Different types of electronic goods:

There are different types of electronic good which play an important role in our daily life. And those goods are.

  1. Computers/laptops: If you are related to a corporate life or if you are a student or a business man then this component must be very essential to you. In fact, this is the most wanted electronic good in the 21st century.

  2. Mobile/tablets: This electronic component is mostly popular among the students or young people, but people of all generations are using it. Modern day mobiles and tablets have many key features and many functionalities to offer.

  3. Other electronics goods: There is also some other electronics good which plays a really essential role in our life, and those goods are like air conditioner, digital watch, digital camera and some other equipment as well.

And it is needless to say that modern day electronics components such as bluetooth speakers also have some key contribution to the security of our daily life.

As and when we go for buying any of these electronic components we prefer some popular brands. But if you want to buy a popular branded electronic product it can cause you a hefty strike on your pocket.

Go for Unbranded electronics if you have problems regarding the budget:

As I have discussed earlier how essential, an electronic good can be in our daily life and how much impact it has on our daily lives. But if you want to buy a branded electronic product then you have to pay a good amount of money. So in case if you have a limited budget, then you may face problems regarding buying an electronic good. In that case, you may go for Unbranded electronic goods which are not so popular among the customer, but most of the times it will still do the job for you. The cost of Unbranded electronic goods is much lesser than a branded electronic good, but sometimes both of them can provide the same features. As the inventory costs of the unbranded products are much lesser, it is easily available in the market at a cheap price. So, if you are looking to check out any type of electronic goods and do not want to spend too much money on that, then you can opt for buying Unbranded electronics good.

23 Aug

Why a Refurbished iPhone is As Good As New – Deal of the week!

Refurbished iPhone is a new trend in the market. People are buying the iPhones in refurbished state to have a good price device and many other features. But this is not enough to justify the increasing ratio of people going for refurbished iPhone. There is a sole reason for this. The reason is that the people you have bought refurbished iPhones are happy with it. They have found no technical issues in iPhones. People claimed that these sets are as good as new. Let us discuss the reason why a refurbished iPhone is as good as new.


iPhone design is the first reason behind this appreciation. iPhone has a strong design that handles shocks and disasters easily. It does not get scratched that easily and more than that its color fades in a very long time. So if a person has used the set for a while and then get it refurbished, the phone will look as good as new. The bright screen and shining colors will never let it look old and rusty.


The refurbished iPhone 5S are usually passed through expert technicians and extensive inspection. They are made to perform as good as new. The technicians with their proper tools and gadgets, inspect the phone to the bitterest of details. They find out the problems and solve them with intense care and beauty. The refurbished iPhones are many times get polished and have their colors back. The team of technician makes the design, software, interaction and even the apparent look of the phone as good as new. This makes the refurbished iPhone glow more that the new one.

Probability of failure

The brand new products have a higher chance of having any technical or physical problem. They are many times prone to certain defects. Refurbished iPhones, on the other hand, have passed that time. They have all their components tested by a genuine user. It can be very much reliable and can fit with your requirements easily. Moreover, you get familiar with one particular phone and having it back after it gets refurbished a blessing in disguise.


A device that is first used by the user and then gets returned with so many problems is more likely to be perfect. It will give the company a proper feedback of their product. This encourages the company to solve all the issues that are being faced by the user. They are inspected to the bitterest of details. Any other problem that is expected to occur may get diagnosed before it will cause you too much trouble. The technicians solve all the problems to perfection. It also goes for the problems that are expected to occur making the refurbished model better the original one.

Software perfection

The refurbished units are passed through many software debugging units. This process finds whatever the problem is with the software. There are many software issues with the brand new sets thus a refurbished one will serve the case. The software is no more prone to errors.