11 Jul

Are Nail Lamps The Best Thing to Cure Your Nails?

Nail Lamps

Nail lamps are nothing but instruments that are used to cure your nail polishes soon after you have applied them. The most commonly used nail lamp happens to be the LED lamp, although UV nail lamps are also quite commonly used nowadays.

Understanding Nail Lamps:

When you get a professional manicure done and have your nails painted, you need to cure them by placing your fingers in an instrument that exposes them to LED light. This is suitable only for gel nail paints and paints that are suitable for being exposed to LED light. They are not recommended for all kinds of nail polishes. This process of using nail lamps ensures that the gel on your nail stays put for long and that freshly manicured nails don’t chip,  break, or lose their shine soon.

Time taken to cure:

The process of curing your gelled nails, be it hard gel or soft gel, under the LEED lamp is typically anywhere close to 60 seconds. Most machines allow only 4 fingers at a time, leaving out the thumb. So you may have to spare a total of 3  minutes to get your fingernails of both hands done.

Cost effective:

Although LED nail lamps are a little on the expensive side as compared to UV lamps, they are definitely worth the money. Also, if you apply gel paints on a regular basis, then investing in an LED or UV lamp will be a much better option economically than making frequent trips to the salon.


What many people are not aware of the LED lamps is that they are extremely eco-friendly. They won’t be releasing any harmful substances and neither is any such substances used in its making. Also, they use pretty less energy too, making them more economical.

Bulb life:

This is,  perhaps, the biggest advantage of having an LED lamp. You never have to replace the bulb. The bulb lasts as long as your machine. So, once you get home an LED nail lamp,  you won’t need to face any further expenses.

Summing it up:

When you get a professional manicure at a salon, you can rest assured that your nails will be treated with nail lamps and that you won’t be facing any issue with them anytime soon. However, if you get your nails done at home, you might want to invest in a machine of this sort. Given its multiple advantages and reasonable rate, you can get one at home if you are a regular with getting your nails gelled.

05 Apr

YI Release Their New 4K+ Action Camera

YI have finally released their new follow up camera to their extremely successful “YI 4K” action camera. The new model has many of the same specs as the old but some new cool features have been added which is great. It comes with the same Sony 12MP camera which has a wide angle lens and it can record 4K at 60 frames per second which is quite astounding in this price range. It is worth noting that the original 4K YI camera could only record in 30 frames per second. The new model gives you many options including the ability to shoot in various formats.

Some extra features that are included on the yi 4k action camera are a USB C connector and the ability to stream live as well as that they have added a new lightning fast processing unit and the ability to control the device with voice control. They have kept the design the same as the old 4K action camera as it was a great neat and slick design so if not broken then don’t fix it I guess is the case here. It is also a very light device so it is easy to transport. As with all of the YI cameras they are very easy to use and all the buttons are easy to read.

YI 4k action camera screenThis is the first of the YI cameras to have a voice control function. This means that you can use basic commands to order the camera to take a picture, change shooting mode, record and turn the device on or off although the voice commands are not always successful and I am sure this is something YI will improve on.

Another big features this 4K camera has over much of the competition is that is comes with a 2 inch LCD screen to instantly view your footage and pictures.




24 Mar

Benefits of owning a golf range finder

A popular product that has hit the UK market recently is the golf laser range finder. This is a piece of technology that measures the distance from the position of the golfer to the golf flag or any other object for that matter. One of the main issues when playing golf is judging distance and this is where many amateur golfers especially fall down as they judge the distance wrong which usually means the wrong club is selected to hit that particular shot thus causing them to not get to their desired position.

The golf range finder takes the guess work out of the judging the distance. It is a light piece of kit that is usually about the same size as a pair of binoculars and will actually weigh less in many cases. This means that golfers can carry it effortlessly around the course with them and it can be used as desired. It is worth noting however that professional golf organizations do not allow these devices in competition however many amateur golf clubs allow them and even encourage them to give their members an advantage on the course.

Many golf range finders are multi function so they of course can be used anywhere not just for golf. In fact many hunters also use range finders to judge the distance to their target again to help with selection of their gun (as opposed to a club!). The main difference in a golf range finder like the one from dekoproducts.co.uk is that they have pin seeking technology which means that they are designed to find small targets like the golf flag where as other range finders may not have this technologyl


12 Mar

Men’s Watches Are Back In Fashion in 2018!

So we are almost through the first quarter of 2018 and some trends are emerging online as to what is looking to be popular this year and what isn’t. Traditionally men’s watches are something that will always do well and sell well online. Many new watch stores are popping up on the web but many have long shipping times of 2 weeks up to over 1 month which is too long a wait for many people. There is a new Irish site that emailed us over at www.menswatches.ie and they claim to keep their stock in Ireland so their shipping time is 1 – 3 days across Ireland which is quite impressive to say the least.

Quartz watches seem to be the best seller according to many watch stores online. Also the retro watch scene also seems to be making a come back which is interesting as this seems to happen every ten years or so across all fashion senses. Many of the online watch stores are selling watches at very affordable prices and some stores are even selling free watches and you just have to pay for the shipping. This is an interesting tactic and seems to be working out well for many retailers.





22 Feb

Android TV Box Reviews – Which One is the one to get in 2018

The world of android TV boxes can be quite over whelming as there are so many choices and so many boxes on offer, but what is it you should look for when buying an android box. There are hundreds of boxes on the market and they are all various prices ranging from under $50 all the way into $250 and up so what is the difference in these boxes and what should you look for when shopping for a new TV box.

shopping for an android TV boxThere are several main things to keep in mind when shopping for your android TV box. The first thing to look at in any android box is the hardware. The main things to look for in the hard ware is the amount of memory the box as well as the brand of chip. The amount of memory will vary from 8GB all the way up to 32GB. Newer boxes will also have a slot for an SD card of up to another 32GB of memory so this is something to keep in mind.

Other main differences in the boxes are the version of android. Many cheap boxes will run older versions of android such as android 5.1 or even android 4.4 which is a very old version now. We would recommend android 7.1 and upwards as this is the latest version with another version on the way later this year. According to the androidtvboxes.com.au website android 7.1 has had some issues on the latest TV boxes but this is due to be fixed in the next upgrade.

A wireless keypad is also highly recommend as the original remote control is quite poor on pretty much all of the boxes that we have tested which is a lot. Other things to be mindful of are a good supplier and warranty as some of the cheaper boxes are not great quality and do eventually brick. I hope this helps you guys on the hunt for an android TV box!