Head Wrecked – G. Mulvihill

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She hides the scars left on her arm,

For years of despair-she did herself harm.

No one could comfort her, she felt alone,

To harm herself, was the only thing she had known.

She wanted a way out, a place to be free,

To be accepted in a world that could only see.

That she needed help, just a moment of one’s time,

To show her that she was loved, even though she tried to commit such a crime.

She tried to surrender her life to the deep dark underground,

To be empty inside, to disappear-she would not be found.

She finally accepted, she’d had enough,

She could not understand why her life was so rough.

A glimmer of hope, danced in her heart,

That she would make a difference, if she made a start.

To accept and love herself, that she is loved back,

To mend her heart, where ever there are cracks.

Suicide is not the answer; it’s not a pleasant thing to do,

To make the most of life, you have to be in it.

I once tried to do it, I have to admit,

Without me here now, I would not be able to pursue.

We are all diamonds in the sky,

Each and every one of us will some day say goodbye.

But as long as we are happy, not have feelings of disbelief,

You don’t want to end it with a lot of unfair grief


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