26 Apr
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The Difference Between an Android Box and a Dreambox?

There has been many articles recently across the UK and Ireland about the legality of android boxes and the software they run. I think that this is absolutely ridiculous and shows a lack of understanding for technology. An android box is essentially just an android computer just like an android phone or tablet is essentially an android computer. Are they been used to stream illegally…yes some people do use them for that just as some people use their phones or laptops to illegal stream so should phones or laptops now be looked at as illegal? What is illegal is the streaming software not the actual device. The device has many legal uses and I am a big fan of them and use mine almost every day and when purchasing you should find a website that has a legal page explaining this.

Now to get to my point. If you are getting an android box to stream TV channels there is a legal alternative in the Dreambox. A dreambox is a purpose made TV receiver that will allow you to receive free TV channels and it is 100% legal. These TV channels are free to air so there is no expense to getting them and you are absolutely running a legal operation getting these channels as that is what they are for and why you pay your TV license! Now again, people are selling these with sharing cards which is very much illegal but that should not take away that they are a great product and are purpose made to receive TV channels.

So if you are looking for free TV then I would recommend the dreambox over an android box as it is legal and there is no grey area with them at all. I would avoid sellers on ebay as these seem to be selling clones with sharing cards and I am sure ebay will be clamping down on this activity soon. Try and find a business that have been around a while and that will offer you a warranty on your product. After a quick Google I found dreambox.ie which seem to be above board and well priced. So this is your answer to free TV in a legal manner

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