24 Mar

Benefits of owning a golf range finder

A popular product that has hit the UK market recently is the golf laser range finder. This is a piece of technology that measures the distance from the position of the golfer to the golf flag or any other object for that matter. One of the main issues when playing golf is judging distance and this is where many amateur golfers especially fall down as they judge the distance wrong which usually means the wrong club is selected to hit that particular shot thus causing them to not get to their desired position.

The golf range finder takes the guess work out of the judging the distance. It is a light piece of kit that is usually about the same size as a pair of binoculars and will actually weigh less in many cases. This means that golfers can carry it effortlessly around the course with them and it can be used as desired. It is worth noting however that professional golf organizations do not allow these devices in competition however many amateur golf clubs allow them and even encourage them to give their members an advantage on the course.

Many golf range finders are multi function so they of course can be used anywhere not just for golf. In fact many hunters also use range finders to judge the distance to their target again to help with selection of their gun (as opposed to a club!). The main difference in a golf range finder like the one from dekoproducts.co.uk is that they have pin seeking technology which means that they are designed to find small targets like the golf flag where as other range finders may not have this technologyl


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