05 Apr

YI Release Their New 4K+ Action Camera

YI have finally released their new follow up camera to their extremely successful “YI 4K” action camera. The new model has many of the same specs as the old but some new cool features have been added which is great. It comes with the same Sony 12MP camera which has a wide angle lens and it can record 4K at 60 frames per second which is quite astounding in this price range. It is worth noting that the original 4K YI camera could only record in 30 frames per second. The new model gives you many options including the ability to shoot in various formats.

Some extra features that are included on the yi 4k action camera are a USB C connector and the ability to stream live as well as that they have added a new lightning fast processing unit and the ability to control the device with voice control. They have kept the design the same as the old 4K action camera as it was a great neat and slick design so if not broken then don’t fix it I guess is the case here. It is also a very light device so it is easy to transport. As with all of the YI cameras they are very easy to use and all the buttons are easy to read.

YI 4k action camera screenThis is the first of the YI cameras to have a voice control function. This means that you can use basic commands to order the camera to take a picture, change shooting mode, record and turn the device on or off although the voice commands are not always successful and I am sure this is something YI will improve on.

Another big features this 4K camera has over much of the competition is that is comes with a 2 inch LCD screen to instantly view your footage and pictures.




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